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Senin, 31 Mei 2010


A WebQuest for Adult, Intermediate, Students of English
as a Foreign (EFL)

Created by gitanurani

Wonosobo has so many interest things. One of them is Mie Ongklok. Mie Ongklok is one of special food in this cold city. It would be more delicious when you it this food with "sate" and "tempe kemul".
There are others special foods in Wonosobo, such as: sagon, tempe kemul, geblek, wedang ronde, ficus carica, mushroom chips, dendeng gepuk.

You are working in the Asia Restaurant as a best cheft, a best restaurant in Wonosobo. The location of this restaurant is in Jl. Angkatan 45 No. 43 Wonosobo. You are assigned to make a cookbook of local food in Wonosobo.

1)      Create a procedure text about recipe of those food, to be made available for the consumers. The main information to be included in the procedure text are: goal, materials, and the way to make that food . Describe in detail the cookbook of all special foods. The cookbook should not exceed 10 pages of A4 paper.

2)      Present your product to the board of directors (the class). In the presentation, you have to explain in detail the cost of the materials and the food itself. The presentation should be from 15 to 20 minutes.

  • You will be working in a pairs. Search the information from websites the links of which are provided below. As you search the web pages, note down important information that you need for your cookbook.
  • Discuss and decide the kinds of food and materials that you want to offer in your cookbook. Bear in mind that you should keep your cookbook: colorfull and bombastic .
Tempe Kemul

Mie Ongklok


wedang ronde


Dendeng gepuk

  • Now, you can arrange the information you have gathered, and start writing up your cookbook.
  • Present your cookbook. The following resources would be useful to guide you to plan an effective presentation:

Practise several times so that your group’s presentation would be effective. Pay attention to the time limit.

1.      The cookbook (total: 60 points)


Clarity (20 points)

Concise choice of vocabulary and sentence structures
Accuracy (20 points)

Correct information based on the information at the suggested websites
Presentation (20 points)

Interesting layout with effective pictures and illustration to enhance  clarity and attractiveness

2.      The oral presentation (total: 40 points)


Pronunciation (10 points)

Intelligible pronunciation with accurate stress and intonation
Fluency  (10 points)

Smooth flow of ideas from opening, body, and closure of the presentation
Body language (10 points)

Effective use of body language to enhance the attention from the audience
Use of visual aid (10 points)

Effective use of visual aids to improve the clarity of the presentation


You are now ready to offer your tour package. The next thing to think about is how the information of your offer can be accessed by prospective visitors. That would be your next task though. For now, you can celebrate your success in this project.

I would like to thank to the owners or copyright holders of the following websites from which the resources of this webquest are cited:

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